Research / publications

This is a selection of publications leveraging the FRESH printing technique.

Fluidform 3D Printing Logo in Gel

Noor et al (2019) – 3D printing of personalized thick and perfusable cardiac patches and hearts 

Jeon et al (2019) – Cryopreserved cell-laden alginate microgel bioink for 3D bioprinting of living tissues 

Stumberger et al (2018) – Freeform Perfusable Microfluidics Embedded in Hydrogel Matrices 

Abdollahi et al (2018) – Expert-guided optimization for 3D printing of soft and liquid materials

Pusch et al (2018) – Large volume syringe pump extruder for desktop 3D printers 

Hinton et al (2016) – 3D Printing PDMS Elastomer in a Hydrophillic Support Bath via Freeform Reversible Embedding

Hinton et al (2015) – Three-dimensional printing of complex biological structures by freeform reversible engineering of suspended hydrogels 



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