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FRESH Printing Silicone

Soft Materials

Many commonly used materials begin their life as a fluid. Historically, 3D printing of these soft materials has been done by modifying those materials to allow them to cure rapidly. However, this has always sacrificed the material properties, making them brittle, reducing their shelf life, and a host of other compromises.

By fully supporting the printed materials in a gel, FRESH printing allows you to print slow-to-cure materials like silicone and other fluids with ease. 

3D Printing Without Supports

Printing without supports

To achieve some of the unique shapes made possible by 3D printing, it is often necessary to print supports, structures which are designed to hold up a print and later be removed. This adds significant time and post-processing to the 3D printing process.

With our FRESH printing process, the gel supports the entire print at all times, allowing you to print any shape you want without supports, and therefore without all the extra time and processing.


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